Membrane structure awning design standards and measures

December-15 2017

Most people should know that the membrane structure has a good thermal insulation effect, the solar thermal energy can reflect 70%, the membrane itself absorbs 17%, heat transfer 13%, while the light transmittance is above 20%, after 10 years of direct sunlight, its brightness can still retain 70%. This is related to its own material. Membrane structure itself has the light transmission, energy saving, environmental protection, Hangzhou UV; membrane translucent, light transmittance of 20% -95%, during the day can be natural diffuse sunlight, saving a lot of lighting energy, while the membrane has Reflected light and heat effects, you can save some of the energy used in air conditioning. So in the choice of membrane structure awning, we need to pay attention to those details of the design? Xiao Bian summed up the following items.
First, when the building has a higher standard, the following conditions should be taken shading measures.
Second, the membrane structure Sunshade for low-rise, multi-storey building outside the window sunshade. Should not be used outside the high-rise building shade.
Third, the shade material material, thickness, size and form specifications, the form and size of the fixed device, the motor power when using electric, the use of wind pressure size and so is the interrelated relationship between the need to be based on specific engineering conditions, to the Professional manufacturers request relevant technical information, after considering the selection.
Fourth, the shading system and the main building of the connection approach. Lightning protection and other safety-related issues need to be designed by the project engineer based on specific engineering conditions, and professional manufacturers to study together to determine.
Fifth, those who choose a shade box with shade system, should consider the shutter box placed in different positions on the wall energy saving.
Six, for the system equipped with automatic control. General requirements must be installed wind control, rain control sensors, light control can be selected according to the specific circumstances. Manual drive generally does not apply to the outer shade of the often unmanned place.
Seven, the fabric is recommended to use dark color (or the dark side of the fabric facing the outdoor), in order to achieve better shading effect.
Eight, the performance requirements of the fabric