Guangzhou film structure bicycle shed manufacturers Which is

December-15 2017

Due to the rapid development of automobile industry in our country, the automobile ownership of cities has doubled. However, the urban planning fails to meet the requirements of this development as soon as possible, and is often the place where vehicles are parked. Therefore, in the construction of group planning should take full account of parking problems, the parking lot construction and planning as an important part of modern urban planning, Guangzhou film structure bike shed series has become more and more important. Similarly, the membrane structure in parking lot construction also with its beautiful shape and real function to play an important role.
Membrane structure bicycle shed membrane structure bicycle shed
Membrane structure bike shed series which design is good with its own city distinctive features and cultural charm of the architectural form is the first choice for the development of each city, and stretch film with its own changing features, soft shape and night with lanterns The exposure shows a unique soft atmosphere leaving the past with a deep memory, at the same time, a very modern sense of tension membrane has demonstrated a city's development concepts and ideas.
Guangzhou Lanao Membrane Structure Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional design, processing, production and installation of membrane structure of the enterprise, is the membrane structure of the program design, structural design, static and dynamic calculation and analysis, the overall structure of the installation and use of maintenance in one comprehensive Engineering Company. The company has advanced membrane structure processing base, with automatic cutting machine, ETFE film welding machine, PVC film and PTFE film welding machine and other membrane processing equipment; with fully automated CNC lofting, automatic cutting equipment and vehicles, milling, Chong , Drilling and other finishing workshop, in the design, production, processing, installation and other links with first-class hardware facilities and service quality.
Guangzhou Lanao Membrane Engineering Co., Ltd. in the country to undertake nearly 200 projects, the majority of partners in the industry's trust, with excellent reputation in the membrane structure industry emerge!