Membrane parking market, the basic market you understand it

December-15 2017

Do you want to do the membrane structure stand customers do you have to understand the structure of the membrane structure Parking shed manufacturers need to pay attention to the details. Each film structure parking shed manufacturers are different, the difference between its production of materials is also great, we buy well before the membrane structure market is fully understood. Only in this way can we have a more thorough understanding of it.
        Xiaobian give you a small inventory of the details of the purchase of membrane structure parking shed manufacturers, I hope we will be helpful. Membrane structure Parking shed manufacturers Membrane structure Parking shed manufacturers generally the price is based on its size to formulate, the market price is a few hundred dollars per square meter range, it is not its final price, manufacturing costs, installation Costs and after-sales service costs are also calculated, not the same material, its price is very different, the price of imports much higher than the domestic price. Its shape is also a lot of like, there are stretching, inflatable, and skeleton, the price difference between them is also great. Consumers in the purchase of their own reality based on the rational choice, so as to provide a good car shelter, the vehicle will not be damaged.
         Small-scale shed can also be tailor-made, this film structure parking shed manufacturers are usually used to park a private car. During the customization, the merchants usually take the customers to the specified places, and consult the customers' opinions as usual when installing and rebuilding. It is a variety of types, customers can make a detailed choice according to their own needs, designers can staff for the customer, the design continued to improve and optimize, it's high security, but also very reliable.
         Installation process, the membrane structure parking shed manufacturers as usual there will be some damage, more or less there will be some, so the same as usual manufacturers will be acid and alkali and anti-corrosion rust and other related work procedures, which in a To some extent, it can eliminate some potential safety problems and make it more stable when used. Membrane structure car park manufacturers as usual after special treatment, usually not rusty.
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