How to improve the quality of membrane structure engineering

December-15 2017

The reason why the membrane structure can be applied so widely has become popular in recent years, a new type of structural system in addition to its own high cost, there is the atmosphere, light, durable materials, high strength, fire safety; environmental protection and energy saving, And transparent, easy to operate, quick installation and other advantages. Can play a role in all fields, the membrane structure has better construction effect, short construction period, low energy consumption and other characteristics.
 Of course, if you want to build a high-quality membrane structure parking shed, membrane structure stands, membrane structure landscape, to avoid the construction of the whole structure capsize, shoddy, membrane tear and other harsh projects, then please pay attention to the following measures to ensure that to improve Membrane structure of the quality of the project.
1, membrane selection
In recent years, the membrane manufacturers generally have added a layer of PVDF (vinylidene fluoride) or PVF (vinyl fluoride) surface coating on the surface of the PVC coating film has improved the aging of PVC coating, shedding . However, in the UV irradiation area, the choice of film to be careful. Even if it is the same film, the difference between manufacturers, models and even the difference between the quality of the production batches are also different, the local quality defects membrane should be cut when cutting skip. Practical application should be carefully selected, careful examination.
2, to prevent the membrane area of ​​water
When designing the membrane surface shape, the larger membrane surface slope should be adopted and the membrane surface drainage path should be convenient. According to the project site where the rainfall conditions exert a corresponding vertical load on the membrane surface, check the deformation of the membrane surface contour map; Such as: in the high point outside the approximate circular or oval area appears, you should modify the membrane surface shape. Tension, the pre-tension membrane surface to be designed to achieve the pre-tension level; relaxation of the membrane surface to be the second tension, the membrane area of ​​?? water to find a timely manner to assist drainage, and take appropriate remedial measures to modify.
3, to prevent damage to the connector
Membrane structure of the connector design should be fraternity to meet their mechanical strength requirements and have appropriate safety reserves, processing quality to be protected. The key parts can be considered to set the construction measures such as safety chain, just in case the link will not be destroyed when the crisis to the safety of the entire structure.
4, to prevent membrane tearing
Only to avoid the membrane is torn, the membrane structure should be designed to ensure that the membrane surface has sufficient stiffness after the tension; structural design to take into account the possibility of secondary tension; relaxation of the membrane surface to be timely for the second Zhang Pull, node design to ensure adequate freedom of rotation to adapt to the large deformation of the membrane surface under the action of the wind. Tension process must be gradual and close monitoring of membrane surface conditions, to avoid stress concentration or excessive tension.
5, to completely eliminate bad works
When choosing a membrane structure project contractor, developers or architects should carefully examine their performance records, view the construction projects on site, and analyze and judge from the technical strength, project performance and management experience, commission the projects to be built To the strength, reputation and reasonable price of membrane structure company. We should note: When deciding to build a membrane structure project, we should not only pursue low prices, but pay attention to quality is the most important.