Lanao Membrane Structure Co.,Ltd

Guangzhou Lanao Membrane Structural Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional design, processing, production and installation of the membrane structure of the enterprise, is a collection of membrane structure of the program design, structural design, static and dynamic calculation and analysis, the overall structure of the installation and maintenance in one integrated Engineering company, since its inception, is committed to the study of new membrane structure design, construction, cutting design, membrane processing, for our customers to provide quality products and services.

Company registered capital of 15 million yuan, with the Construction Bureau issued by the steel construction qualification and safety production license, as well as the membrane structure of the Association issued by the membrane structure design, construction level qualification, at the same time with the membrane structure of building quality, contract performance credit, membrane structure Building integrated services such as AAA grade a number of outstanding enterprises. The company has advanced membrane processing base, with automatic cutting machine, ETFE film welding machine, PVC film and PTFE film welding machine and other membrane processing equipment; with automatic CNC lofting, automatic cutting equipment and car, milling , Drilling and other finishing workshop, in the design, production, processing, installation and other links equipped with first-class hardware facilities and quality of service.

The company's business involves domestic large and medium-sized cities and the Middle East, South Asia, Hong Kong and Macao and several provinces and autonomous regions at home and abroad, covering a wide range of sports facilities, transportation facilities, cultural facilities, landscape facilities, commercial facilities, sewage treatment capping, biogas storage tank, And so on, successfully built thousands of high quality membrane structure construction.

Lanao Strength

Every 10 large membrane structures 5 Lanao made

Integrated technical reserves

Has been designed and constructed steel membrane structure (tension film) nearly 2000 projects, construction area of nearly 200 million square meters;

More than 30 film, the successful construction of the highest domestic film, the world's largest film (70,000 square meters) in the construction;

Exclusive research and development of the most advanced air film intelligent control system, more than 200 patented technology;


First-class talent pool

The company has all kinds of professional and technical personnel more than 100 people;

Including a senior engineer, structural engineer 1, a construction division 3;

Two construction division 9, cost engineer 1, accountant 1;

16 engineers, 19 junior engineers, 4 professional design engineers;


Master the forefront of technology

Germany membrane structure and Mercedes-Benz, BMW, like the world-renowned. Rango company with world famous film Structure Enterprise NOVUM (Germany), committed to the East and West cultural and artistic exchanges Heritage, the German advanced membrane structure technology to China. 2 times a year to send technical staff to carry out Technical training and art exchange, real-time control of the most advanced film structure technology.


The world's top expert guidance

And Germany's top design company KMSS work together, creative unlimited, to create classic projects;

Has participated in the "London Millennium Dome, the Allianz Arena, the Shanghai World Expo, the Guangzhou Asian Games" and other project design;

Won the 11 membrane structure design award;


Rich experience in construction

Won eight engineering quality awards;

Hundreds of venues class membrane structure, inflatable membrane, sewage membrane film, environmental sealing film and other large membrane structure installation and construction experience;

To create the most secure membrane structure, 0 security incidents, can withstand 12 typhoons, 100 years in case of natural disasters;


Import automatic processing equipment

16 years of processing, testing experience, the processing of film 50 + square meters;

Germany imported laser CNC KSS9000 automatic cutting equipment;

Germany imports PTFE, ETFE, PVC film MAC1000 nano automatic welding equipment;

Germany imported TDD90011 microwave quality testing equipment;

11 products factory inspection procedures;


We promise: 15 years of free maintenance

All the materials, equipment, whether it is brand or specification models, our integrity is your peace of mind and guarantee;

PVC membrane life of more than 15 years, PTFE membrane life of more than 30 years, ETFE membrane life of more than 20 years;

Steel structure life of more than 50 years;

Meet the 50 years or 100 years in a case of natural disaster safety requirements;

JRT cable mesh film can withstand 18 hurricanes;


Do honest business, do your faithful friends

Design the best solution for you;

For you to create the most cost-effective projects;

Give you the most professional advice and advice;

Give you the most reasonable and most honest price, whether you understand the membrane structure;