Panyu Bridge membrane structure car shed project

Panyu Bridge membrane structure parking shed using H frame steel structure, greatly increasing the useful life of the membrane selection of imported PVDF membrane, membrane structure parking shed steel structure using hot-dip galvanized, membrane structure parking shed design life of 30 years, Parking shed wind resistance coefficient wind speed (15-35m / s) per second, the membrane structure car parking shed snow load limit 45 / square, membrane structure shed earthquake 7,
Parking shed, membrane structure parking shed, membrane structure car parking shed, design basis: "CECS: 158-2004 Technical Specifications for Membrane Structures"; Code for Design of Steel Structures GB50017-2003;
Design parameters: the safe use of the ultimate wind speed of 11; safe use of the limit snow load 35cm / m2;
Steel selection: Q235 steel material